What is a 

A VBAC practitioner is a birth professional who supports mothers interested in planning a vaginal birth after a previous c-section.

She is trained to provide extensive evidence-based information to the mother so she can make an informed decision. She empowers the mother and helps the mother stay balanced while she prepares for her VBAC. 


We're seeing more mothers interested in exploring the benefits of having a VBAC and more women are determined to go against the grain and have a normal physiological birth experience. With that being said, women still feel they need additional support from a doula specialised in VBACs to help them overcome the torment and scare-mongering tactics from their care providers.

A VBAC practitioners role is to ensure the mother maintains a calm, positive attitude during her VBAC as well as having all the information she needs to make a balanced decision to have a VBAC or not.

The VBAC journey can be a struggle for many mothers because they have to fight their way through the hardships presented to them by their Dr, Obstetrician or midwife who wants women to have a repeat c-section for all subsequent births after a c-section.

A good practitioner attends to a mother

but an excellent practitioner

empowers, encourages, educates and enhances

a VBAC mothers Positive birth experience 

A Naturelle VBAC Practitioner is all rounded birth professional who knows what to do to increase your chance of having a successful VBAC or a repeat caesarean mum is fully in control of.

What can a VBAC do?

A VBAC practitioner is a mothering woman who supports and advises a mother throughout her pregnancy right the way through to her postnatal period. She empowers and coach's mothers to have an optimal, gentle undisturbed physiological birth experience by sharing evidence-based information, support, empathy and excellent listening skills. 


VBAC practitioners work on mums mind by debriefing with her, tackling mothers limiting beliefs to help mum change any negativity or doubts she may be feeling towards her previous birth or about preparing and having a VBAC. Many mothers say they feel scared and alone, and when they have a VBAC practitioner by their side, they feel powerful, unbreakable and open-minded. 


After a few sessions with a VBAC practitioner, they feel positive, assured, ready as well as for the first time in their life, able to identify key triggers from previous birth and life experiences; which could inhibit their birth experience. 


A VBAC Practitioner attends the mothers birth (Optional) as a specialised VBAC Practitioner doula which is entirely her choice.

Having someone around who specialises in VBACs allows the mother to feel comfortable that her support network for pregnancy and for birth is VBAC ready and supportive.



It also means understanding many women interested in having a VBAC may change their minds due to fear. The practitioner is able to nurture, support, empathise as well as provide a shoulder for the mother to lean on. She's also able to just listen when mum needs to speak...​

Being Ready Simply Means


Being able to sift through any negativity the mother hears

and replace it with the positivity of facts.

Being available when the mother needs her

The ability to support the mother and listen to what she wants

The ability to be an advocate for the mother

The ability to coach the mother for a happy pregnancy

The ability to devise a nutrition plan for the mother

The ability to nurture and honour the pregnant mother

She is respectful

She is Present

She is integral

She is available emotionally, mentally and spiritually


Why not check out our training page to find out more about VBAC Practitioners

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