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The VBAC Summit is an annual online event that provides a platform for birth professionals to unite to discuss one of the most controversial topics in the birth industry: Vaginal Births after a Caesarean Section, also known as (VBAC).

The VBAC Summit has been running for 5 years and s the only event of its kind uniting countries and nations.

One of our core goals for The VBAC Summit is to understand the research better and listen to the current state of affairs all over the world. This is the only way to incite change and understand the multifaceted aspects of why the caesarean section rates are rocketing out of control worldwide. The VBAC Summit should be called the birth after caesarean section summit because we discuss caesarean sections and all types of births following a previous caesarean section. 

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The VBAC Summit

3 things we try to accomplish at

the VBAC Summit 

Connecting professionals all over the world

Hearing the stories from the lips of the women

Understanding and questioning the evidences....