VBAC Childbirth Education Series

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The Naturelle VBAC method, Childbirth Education Classes, have been structured around inspiring and supporting the parents planning a birth after a caesarean to make healthy choices during her VBAC journey.

When a mother is preparing for her VBAC, all she wants is to have a super supportive team around her, all the information available to make an informed, balanced choice to weigh up whether a VBAC is safe and the right choice for her that's why we knew it was absolutely important to create the Naturelle VBAC method VBAC childbirth education class series....


Unfortunately, this is not the case for many mothers and they end up experiencing the opposite of an empowering, rich experience.

Our VBAC Education class series provides mothers with all the information needed to make the right choice suited to their individual personalised needs whether they choose to have a VBAC or a repeat caesarean section. We speak about Uterine rupture and put it in its right place as opposed to blowing it up as the most likely thing to happen.


The Naturelle VBAC Childbirth Education Class series we speak about your nutrition and how eating, exercising and thinking, plays a major role in the success of a healthy pregnancy and VBAC birth. We cover so many topics to make sure our VBAC mothers feel, Ready, Positive, Certain and Prepared for their VBAC as opposed to Scared, weak and uncertain about whether they are good VBAC candidates for a particular birth experience.  

The Naturelle VBAC Childbirth Education Class Series has been structured around inspiring the VBAC mother as well as supporting her to make healthy choices during her VBAC journey.

Freedom to Birth in a 

Undisturbed, Gentle empowered way

The Naturelle VBAC Childbirth Education class series offers a complete set of Childbirth education classes or a personalised class package customised by you which you can attend online via your phone, tablet or laptop or in person.