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The truth...

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

As a VBAC mother and birth professional, I get so agitated when I hear the wrong information circulating about women attempting to have a vaginal birth after a previous c-section.

Mothers are not told about the risks and benefits of VBAC, which is creating a fear-based culture, internationally.

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Being in the game for over ten years now, conducting my research, carefully going through study after study, I can fully see where the rise in c-section rate's, globally, is coming from. However, I can't understand why in this day and age women are still forcefully coerced to have a c-section.

It is still happening, but I still don't believe the rise in women interested in having a VBAC is documented correctly, as with the number of successful VBACs occurring.

As many researchers are stating, we are still a long way away from compiling all the data needed on VBAC, to understand it fully. However, one thing that is happening is, women are most certainly having more courage to have a VBAC, and they are most definitely having more successful VBACs...

So what can you do to help increase the VBAC education and reduce the number of Trauma women face giving birth following a c-section?

If you are a mother, Rock your VBAC, girl!

If you're a birth worker or a mother interested in becoming a birth worker click here:

We don't need to keep going round the same circle. It's time to end the abuse women receive and start saying yes, you can have a VBAC because it's a safe, realistic option for the majority of mothers...

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