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The fourth Trimester - postnatal period

The postnatal period also known as the fourth trimester and it's heavily underplayed. Women focus on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester but seldomly on the fourth trimester, their mental and physical health post their babies' birth.

If that's not alarming, women are suffering from postnatal depression and don't receive the help they need to function, recover and restore their family balance with their new addition to their family.

African and Asian cultural traditions see that a mother is loved, empowered and nurtured after

the birth of her baby and only the newborn is her responsibility. She is to rest during the 12 weeks of the postnatal period and not worry about anything.

Fine warming spices and delicate foods nature provides us with are combined to create an

enriching nutritious meal for the postnatal mother.

The food not only speeds up her recovery, but also sends her tastebuds and digestive system craving for more but the spices and fine ingredients help produce rich milk for her newborn.

We don't only see the postnatal recovery of the mother is faster and in a complete state

we see that the mother develops a significant bond with her baby, one that is sometimes not

achieved by those who do not receive this postnatal blessing.

So if you want to make the most of your postnatal period and recover quicker, you'll love this

little list I've created for you to do:

• Precook your postnatal meals and freeze them. You'll quickly find you won't be cooking

anything and you'll have more time to soak up babies little facial expressions and cute body


• Ask for help: ask family, friends to come around and help you. Many women don't do this,

but ,we'd have a lot more done if we did just ask. And anyways, I'm sure people would love to

come and help you, but they want you to ask, so they don't feel like they are stepping on your


• Take one step at a time. It doesn't matter how many kids you have; having a new baby always, most certainly knocks many mothers for 6... Its the additional stuff you need to get on with whilst still doing all the normal chores and activities in your life. Don't rush to get everything done. Its ok, mama...


• Don't worry, you'll get back into your routine shortly.

• If you can get someone to drop the kids to school. Perhaps closer to your birth, you can order a few weeks of food.

• Cry and let it all out... Come on... the fourth trimester also known as the Postnatal period= tears and hormonal ups and downs. It's all

normal sweety...

• Find time for you to relax and process what you've been through. Erm, you've just had a

baby... Give yourself some credit.

I hope this small list helps you plan the most amazing postnatal period. I know for certain, if you have a caesarean section creating a postnatal list will most definitely help you out for sure... Don't procrastinate... Get on to it today...

Questions to help you:

Who can I ask for help?

Who won't hold it against me years after the birth, lol

Delegate roles to your family members...

Let us know how it goes in the comments box below:

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