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With my VBAC I had no support or encouragement from any professionals, it was literally, touch, and go. I frantically searched for a doula and  I found one. I was so nervous, and unsure about my decision because every appointment with the professionals made me anxious, and more uncertain.

I carried that anxiety into my birth, and I found it somewhat hard to zone out and trust in me and my body.

My last VBAC, I literally zoned out, but after a while I felt as though my birth-space was disturbed and crowded, so I couldn't zone out.. it's a tough one. VBAC mums need support from all angles, and they need to be treated delicately. After my last c-section, I was handed a letter from the hospital saying I shouldn't come back to that hospital to birth any other babies and that I need to have a repeat c-section. It never said I had a chance of a vbac.... Nonetheless, if you knew my caesarean birth story, you would cringe!

This is why I set up my VBAC FB page and my company. It was to empower, support and encourage women to follow and trust in their bodies and babies. To stop the limiting beliefs and take a stand on what they want from their births... I cried for months after my 2nd caesarean.... I was disgusted and disappointed with myself because of my notes it said I failed my trial of labour which means I failed my baby, and I failed myself because a VBAC was my goal.....

With my last VBAC which was in September last year, I knew when to halt and when to continue. That's what the VBAC journey is all about. Knowing when to fight for your rights for the best birth experience for you and baby or when to say somethings not right, I need help or to just stop. 

That's what my VBAC coaching sessions are all about. 

I conducted research in may 2014. I wanted to find out why women had caesareans and I managed to tune into 300 women from all over the world. Everyone said more or less the same thing. They had a repeat caesarean or a cesarean because they had no support, time constraints and because they were mis-informed..

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