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Podcasts do you listen to them?

Updated: Apr 10

We are always thinking of new ways to reach out to our followers and what better way than to revamp our old podcast series and offer podcasts that will allow you to hear from professionals and mothers all in one space.

Unlike any other podcast you've heard before, we will be creating a little twist for VBAC families and VBAC supportive queens.

The importance of having the facts at the feet of all women pregnant after having a VBAC is a massive campaign we feel passionately about because we have to reduce the caesarean rates internationally.

If you would like to tune into what we have to offer and say, please checkout our podcasts here: https://www.naturellevbac.com/podcast

We are now on Spotify, Itunes and Android, google podcasts and Podbean......

To make this more of a special gift. We will not upload any of our 200 podcasts we have already created. Instead, we will upload only new content for now....

We aim to post every 2 weeks, but it may be more, so if you are interested in listening in please subscribe to our website so you hear about our latest uploads or adventures first.

I hope you enjoy our content and please reach out and give us your feedback because this is not about us. We are catering to you and without you we are nothing.....

We are super excited and nervous all in the same breath! loool

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VBAC should be seen as a normal, physiological birth and women should not be scared to choose a VBAC. But if you feel anxious about having a VBAC, please take a look here: 

Are you feeling scared about your VBAC. 

Remember, Rupture happens in under 1% of VBAC births and you have an extremely good chance of having a VBAC so why not checkout : 18 Tips to have a successful VBAC.

If you need inspiration and you feel like you need to hear a VBAC Story you can listen to our VBAC Podcasts and download them on to your phone for easy access anytime you need a boost. You can also checkout my VBAC birth stories found here: With all the odds against me, my VBAC wasn't BLOG and this one: I had 2x VBA2C and my story is here: No support no empowerment, my VBAC.

If you would like to learn how to stay in control of your VBAC you need to read this: 

Breath for your VBAC.  

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