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Dear Birth worker....

In the world today there is a scary culture trending to perform more caesareans than natural births. Women are having their birth rights snatched from them not only during pregnancy; but right in the middle of mums labour. Instead of empowering mum, she is ruthlessly-deceived that she and her baby are at risk, when they are ok or the reason for the eminent

risk is due to the line of interventions given to mum from start of her labour.

The NBM VBAC SUPPORT coach practitioner training provides birth professionals with a method to support mums decisions, as well as to protect her birth rights during her VBAC journey.

Like no other we focus on the mother's whole well-being from her: 

1. Mental state - her unconscious and conscious mind 2. Her limiting beliefs - how she views her scar and herself 3. Her fears and view of her last and current birth 4. Her support system- Learning who is the right person to support her birth.  5. Certainty - The facts surrounding VBAC

6. The connection between her womb and her brain

The techniques we use stem blossom from the amazing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy, Life Coaching, Mindfulness and of course My very own VBA2C X2 personal stories.

There is so much "anecdotal information" hitting the fan, actually disturbing and confusing women considering a VBAC, and this makes them scared. We know there is under 1% risk a woman attempting a VBAC will have a uterine rupture.

ACOG says, women have two options after a previous caesarean birth and that's to either have an elective caesarean or to try for a VBAC. Now like with everything there are risks so we do have to bare that in mind, but the ACOG also says most women who try for a natural birth after a caesarean goes on to have a successful VBAC. 

Now-bearing that in mind, why is there an increase in caesarean birth?

We are heading into a world birth crisis, especially in countries in the middle east where women are being strapped down to their beds, forced to undergo caesarean and episiotomy procedures. Furthermore, some birth professionals are going as far as literally bouncing on the mother's stomachs to push the baby down known as obstetric violence. 

The WHO state: Caesarean section is one of the most common surgeries in the world, with rates continuing to rise, particularly in high- and middle-income countries. Although it can save lives, caesarean sections are often performed without medical need, putting women and their babies at risk of short- and long-term health problems.

The aim of this training is to support mums during this very stressful time and to aid in their decision to have a VBAC birth. A practitioner will be required to hep her figure out her goals, to help mum plan realistically, to help mum debrief after a stressful negative appointment, to help prepare mum for her VBAC in a holistic, NLP, gentle way, while educating mum on what the evidence is on VBAC...



Mothers globally need your help! They need to feel supported through this testing time. Many women find they have no support, and searching for supporting evidence feels as though they are searching for a needle in a haystack. Not only that, mentally, emotionally, they end up losing touch with themselves and this filters down into their birth of their baby ending in a caesarean section.

HOW DO I KNOW! I am a VBA2C X2 mummy. It happened to me. I felt unsupported, bullied, judged, looked down on. I felt like it wasn't going to happen for me. I dreaded being pregnant, when I first found out because of my two first caesarean experiences; but using the techniques I have added to this course, you will increase the chance of mothers having a successful VBAC internationally. 


I have also created an event for professionals and mothers to attend. At times I Provide professionals who sign up to our training a free ticket to enter the online event. We have many high profile birth professionals speaking at the event, so you are sure to get an amazing treat. 

You can find the event here:



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