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How breathing correctly could increase your chance of a successful VBAC

Updated: Apr 10

We hear about the importance of being mindful and using our breathing to control anxieties and asthma attacks and pain. But have you ever thought about breathing for birth? Did you know the way you breath can actually act as a pain relief but can also cause you tension?

What I wanted to write about while it's still fresh in my mind is how to keep in control of your contractions even when they are intense and overwhelming. I've always heard people speaking about deep breathing through labour, but instinctively when the pain kicks in we tense up and panic, we lift our shoulders, breathe from our stomach or hold our breathe and it creates a bigger problem for us.

Wrong move!

In order to stay in control of your birth it's important to to keep moving and breathe correctly from your diaphragm. Doing so can relieve anxiety, shortness of breath, anger, panic attacks even as far as asthma attacks in early stages

What happens when you tense up during the contractions?

The best thing all women can do is try to submit to the contractions and understand that with every contraction, your cervix is opening and your baby is moving down.

Tensing your muscles during pain is a natural response but it causes the body to feel more pain. When you tense up the tension causes the muscles in specific parts of the body to contract creating tension in places like the jaw, shoulders, neck, thigh, stomach and the vagina muscles. The best thing to do is try and stay connected and breathe through any fear of the contractions.


It's a technique that helps you engage with your lungs and your core. The same way babies breathe. If you watch a baby breathe, you can see their diaphragm inflate, and when they breathe out, it deflates.

Just think about it...

You breathe in oxygen, and just as you would breathe into a paper bag, it inflates. You breathe out carbon Dioxide, which if you didn't know comes from the carbon in the food we eat, and the bag deflates. This is the same when we breathe.

Many of us are breathing wrong, and it's causing us health issues. We can breathe to cure ourselves naturally with a good balanced organic diet, but we are not told this either.


1. Lie down on your back and have about four cardboard backed books to hand.  2. Place the books on your abdomen.  3. Breathe in through your nose while counting four counts 1-2-3-4 - 

Make sure you keep an eye on the books What you should see is the books rising. Purse your lips and exhale out again counting four counts 

( count in your head. lol)

1- 2 - 3 - 4

Then start again.

Do six sets of these every day for two weeks. Once you master this technique, and it does not feel like a burden, try it for 8 seconds and so on until you feel comfortable.

Note: You should feel no discomfort or pain


Yes, this is a fantastic Pain relief for mum and an excellent way for mum and babies blood circulation during labour and pregnancy.

If you breathe in slow and profound, without holding your breath, BREATHE out fast and strong during the contractions. Pay close attention to your breathing rather than the contractions, although this sounds impossible, when the contraction comes it goes quicker (from my experience), and it also takes the edge off the pain.

Try it for yourself.

Breathe through childbirth pains and let us know how it worked for you.

Remember to make healthy, safe, informed choices for your VBAC.

Love to you all xx

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