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3 Reputable websites you need during your VBAC

Ever felt like you don't have enough information to make an informed decision?

Ever felt like you need more support, more care, more info?

You're not alone. Many women feel the same way. 

Knowing what websites to go to for information can help you prepare for your Vaginal Birth. 

As you probably know, there are dozens of websites claiming to have the right information to support your idea to have a VBAC. I can tell you now, most of them are websites that feature one blog and care nothing about you or your plans.

Being a VBAC Expert, birth professional and a mother who's had 2x VBA2C and currently pregnant again, I know just how vital the right information is. Fortunately, there are websites and networks you can tap into, but you need to know where to find them.

Below I have listed my top 5 websites I love to refer mums too as well as a place I seek refuge when I'm planning my VBACs.

Below you will find websites to help you if your baby is Breech or if you need VBAC classes, events or meet-up groups or services

1. Spinning Babies

Spinning babies focus on the position of your baby and your posture to help you have a more comfortable physiological birth. Gail Tully, the founder of the Spinning babies Approach, is such an amazingly inspirational woman who is also a Midwife with over 20 years experience as a home-birth Midwife. 

Gail also featured as a speaker for Naturelle VBAC's, VBAC Summit earlier this year 2017 and for our 2019 VBAC Summit. The Spinning Babies website is easy to access and contains a world full of paid and Free content you can indulge yourself into to have a strong, compelling birth experience.

Many women are scared to have a breech baby primarily by the end of pregnancy. Following the techniques taught by Spinning babies will most definitely improve the position of your baby and will give you something to focus on to turn your baby from breech to a head down position.

Resources Available: 

Paid and Free Videos - Articles - Exercises - Events - International Workshops - Lots of information 

Services: Free and paid services


2. Naturelle VBAC

Never before has there been a website to not only support women's needs but to provide an array of services to encourage, support and nurture a VBAC mothers dreams to have a VBAC.

We offer antenatal classes and bespoke VBAC Antenatal classes to women interested in understanding what is required of them to have a successful, vibrant VBAC. We deal with birth trauma, women's rights and the mother's mental mind-state which go hand in glove with the experience she may have during pregnancy and labour. We are about education, empowering with evidence-based information.

Jaleelah, the founder and owner of Naturelle VBAC, is a VBAC expert, a mother as well as a birth and health professional. She dedicates her life to supporting women who want a vaginal birth after a previous c-section as well as helping and promoting the healing process for women who've had a repeat c-section following a delivery that didn't go as planned. 

We believe women do not need to fear VBACs, but need to fear who they come into contact with and what information they take in and internalise. 

Resources Available: 

Events - Articles - Exercises - Online Antenatal Classes - Live antenatal Classes, International Workshops - Lots of information - Meet-up groups - Online group apps - Free Support - Exercise Videos - Empowering VBAC cards - Books - VBAC practitioner Training

Services: Free and paid services

Website: Www.NaturelleVBAC.Com


If you're looking for a Free antenatal resource pack then this is the website for you. provides a free VBAC antenatal class series for you to download and keep in your own arsenal. Nicette Jukelevics, the founder and researcher at spends a lot of time ensuring women have evidence based information to support your journey.

We believe women do not need to fear VBACs, but need to fear who they come into contact with and what information they take in and internalise. 

Resources Available: 

Articles - Downloadable Antenatal Class series - Lots of information - Meet-up groups - Free Support - Books -

Services: Free services

Website: Www.vbac.Com

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