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18 proven tips to increase your chances of having a VBAC

I'm not going to write this article like I normally do, with a billion and one words before I get to my tips. I am going to get straight to the point. Please use this as a guide to help you successfully achieve your ultimate goal.

A VBAC. Of course, please make informed decisions regarding your care during your VBAC journey because whatever you decide, and whatever the outcome of your birth, you will have to live with your decision.

So here are your top 10 tips to have a healthy, natural birth (vbac)

1. Make up your mind.

If you know you want a VBAC but you are scared about uterine rupture, make a final decision and stick to it. When you know what you want in life, setting up a strategic plan can be much easier to accomplish.

2. Stay at home for as long as you can.

Many women rush to the hospital as soon as they go into labor. Just remember the clock starts ticking as soon as you go into hospital and then you have 24hrs to give birth or you'll be given a caesarean. Your midwife may tell you the reason for this is because they don't want your scar to rupture. Id say get to the hospital when you are having contractions every 2-3 minutes or less if your brave. Hehehe!

3. NO inductions please.

It's important you try to avoid inductions during your labour. Inductions increase your chances of having a caesarean. So unless its an emergency, no inductions please.

4. Believe in yourself & be positive

women before you have had successful vbacs. Even women who have had vba5c. It's important to look at your vbac with a pair of optimistic glasses on and know you are capable. The key is to believe in yourself and reject any negative limiting beliefs.

5. No continuous fetal monitoring

You want to be able to move around in labour and being mobile will help you during labor. If there is concerns around the wellbeing of your baby during labour, this could be up for discussion if you want...

6. No breaking your waters artificially.

This should not be done as a routine procedure.

7. Do not induce your labour

Inducing a VBAC mum is something that should not be done because it encourages your baby to become distressed one of the common reasons for a normal birth to quickly turn into an emergency caesarean being performed.

8. Try not to have the epidural

Using the epidural feels nice to some mothers but in fact, many mothers cant push their babies out when it's time to because they cant feel anything, and they certainly cannot remember how to push.

9. Chill out

Work with your body. Being in an undisturbed space helps mothers get into themselves to birth their babies, so relax and chill out


Don't allow any negativity in the room, No unexpected/wanted people, keep the lights dim, respect mum, no loud talking ect....

11. Eat and drink for energy

Make sure you drink (sip) lots of water and eat high energy foods such as Dates as and when you can. Energy is so important during labour. In some countries, some hospital do not allow labouring women to eat. 

12. Bring your own equipment

Being comfortable helps mum to be in control of her birth. Bring your pillows, essential oils, towels, blanket, and anything you need to make you feel comfortable.

13. Hire a Doula 

A doula is a very valuable tool to have with you during your labour. A doula also reduces your chance of a caesarean. So a must ladies.

14. Debrief your previous birth.

It's important to heal yourself after you have a caesarean. This helps to eliminate any distress or unnecessary feelings regarding your previous birth into your current birth.

15. Stay in an upright position

This allows gravity to help the baby come out.

16. No using oxytocin drips

Babies tend to become distressed when mothers have the synthetic hormone Oxytocin to induce their labour by speeding up and strengthening her contractions.

17. Do as much research as possible.

Being well informed helps you to make good choices for you snd your baby.

18. Learn how to breath for your birth, health and well being during labour.

Being able to breath correctly will help you stay in control of your birth, it helps you to be less tense and  to stay in control.

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