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Mission Statement

Naturelle VBAC is an organisation committed to providing accurate information to women regarding birth after a caesarean.

Often women feel disheartened or uncertain about travelling down the VBAC route and misinformed on the safety and survival rate. Naturelle VBAC began after my 3rd pregnancy which ended in a successful VBAC, in an error where no care provider would support a VBAC in their hospital.

We believe that maintaining trust, loyalty, empathy and integrity is the critical pillars for women to feel safe and allow us to support them with open arms.

Our mission which is still the same is to provide factual VBAC information based on evidence-based facts as well as anecdotal real-life experiences from women all over the world.

Women must have all the information available so they can make safe choices for themselves and their baby.
We support mothers internationally during their VBAC journey by improving their perception of VBACs, changing their mindset, eliminating limiting, damaging beliefs often filtered to down by some medical professionals who are unsupportive or ill-trained. 

Naturelle Vbac provides evidence-based, practical information so parents can make healthy, informed choices to facilitate and support their VBAC.
We run an extensive list of educational opportunities for both mothers and birth workers. 

We want to ensure that every mother who tunes into Naturelle VBAC receives all the information and fine detail she needs to facilitate a smooth, healthy, gentle, undisturbed birth.
We also train birth professionals on the importance of being not only VBAC ready but VBAC supporters to ensure all mothers get the best support and information, care as well as an excellent chance to have a successful VBAC. 
We provide a directory comprised of all the VBAC practitioners we train, so mothers and other professionals can connect and feel confident and safe in the practitioner they choose to support, empower their choice to birth their way.

Our Values

  • We respect the rights of every mother to birth her baby in a way that best suits her and that she feels most comfortable with.  


  • We believe every woman, especially during pregnancy and childbirth should have her voice valued and heard no matter the birth choice she chooses or outcome of her birth. 


  • We believe education should be available to all mothers and professionals to make informed educated evidence-based decisions. Professionals need to be held accountable for their actions 


  •  We believe professionals should act according to evidence as opposed to their own desires and fears and every mother should in control of her own birth.


  • We believe anyone in the birth room should respect the birth space and not disturb it.

  • We are working hard to reduce the amount of unnecessary caesarean sections globally as the world health organisation has stated.

  • We want to increase positive birth outcomes for women interested in birth after a caesarean birth.

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