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The EBE awards stands for Empowering Birth Experiences and it's a platform that shines the spotlight on professionals and organisations within the birth industry who stand out for their extraordinary work. 

This year will be the first awards ceremony of its kind and will take place online due to the current state of Covid-19. 

The EBE Awards will provide birth workers and organisations a chance to stand up and be honoured for their contributions to the birth industry. That means if they help to make birth safer, reduce the rate of caesarean sections if they stand up for inequality, racism in the birth room if they provide services that support women and protects their birthright, stand up as an advocate for women voices etc...

Each winner will receive a physical award as well as a certificate and we will send it to each winner's address...

To Find out more about the EBE award for midwives, doulas, hypnobirthers etc..... Click the link below