Pregnancy Support Group


Emergency Response

Are you pregnant, self-isolating and need support? 

Naturelle VBAC has partnered up with Delia Muhammad from I will VBAC to offer unconditional, emotional, informational support to anyone in need of advice, guidance, empowerment and support during these tough, unprecedented times we are facing.

Being pregnant during these times has become a real problem for many women. They are not able to get hospital and Dr's appointments, midwife appointments and if they do go to the hospital , they have a high chance of catching the coronavirus. 

Women's birthright has been taken away and I can honestly tell you, I've supported since the coronavirus outbreak 50 women who have been neglected and told not to come into the hospital.

I get it, we are in some really crazy times, but that doesn't mean pregnant expectant mothers shouldn't have the care they need to have a rich empowering birth..

We've started this group to come together and show unity, power and uplift every mother who comes into our group...

No mother should regret being pregnant or feel scared

We've got you and together we've got this.

Women who join the rapid response group

  • 24-hour support

  • In a group filled with other pregnant mothers

  • Questions answered by a retired midwife and a qualified doula and NLP counsellor

  • Free resources posted often

  • Empowerment

  • Encouragement

  • Uplifting whenever you need it

  • Clarity on your pregnancy & birth

Women who join the rapid response group

  • Minimal support from your care-providers
  • Uncertainty about your pregnancy and birth

What do you need to join?

The fill in the form below and  pay £10 every month and

we will send you the login link within 24hrs

It's that simple....