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A little about Us

We are extremely happy you're here.

We want you to feel empowered to plan for your VBAC, Informed enough to know your rights and your options, supported by professionals who are empathetic, mindful, educated and understand what you need to do to increase your chances of having a VBAC.


 Like so many women who've had a previous caesarean section, I know you're searching for ANSWERS, For someone to tell you the truth and not scare you into a scare-mongering cycle. You want someone to understand how you feel right now... You want someone to acknowledge you're human and you deserve respect and that you're pregnant, not a flaming sick patient...


You want to find supportive professionals who can help you make clear of all the twisting thoughts spiralling in your head because you want to birth your baby in the safest, most undisturbed way possible. You want clarity.                                                                                                                                    

And we understand you....

We are an organisation consisting of VBAC mothers and birth and health professionals specifically trained in supporting women who've had c-sections, women who've endured a long, tiresome traumatic birth experience and professionals who have been trained by us to be VBAC Supportive and VBAC ready.

About the organisation

Naturelle VBAC was created in 2013 to support women who were interested in having a vaginal birth after a previous c-section. Our goal was to find these women searching for the facts about VBAC and repeat c-sections and create a community of like-minded women and professionals to support each other with love, empowerment and knowledge. Childbirth is a time when the mother should be able to connect and prepare for her growing baby in her womb without feeling any doubt, confusion, and chaos. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and we go into labour with these anxieties which inhibit the experience and outcome of our births. At Naturelle VBAC and our sister company The VBAC Summit, we acknowledge the importance of education and empowerment for parents as being one of the key ingredients in the connection between mum, her body and her baby. We also discern the need for birth to be less medicalised. Birth should be untouched and undisturbed -that's why we are taking the time out to Recognise Births, globally. To recognise that VBAC mothers matter and they need as much support and encouragement as any other mother and when we actually delve into the facts pertaining to whether women should have  VBAC, we realise how safe and how normal it is...

The woman behind the brand

My name is Jaleelah Umm Kaleem, and I am the founder

and owner of Naturelle VBAC. I've always had a special

connection and bond with babies and the birth of them

but I never thought for a second; I would be in the birth

industry supporting women and spending my time,

when I'm not homeschooling my 5 sons, fighting for

VBAC mothers to be respected, heard and supported.


I got married at 21 and had my first child at the age

of 23, and although it was a harsh and an exhausting

reality checking experience, which I suffered iatrogenic

trauma, it left me with a burning desire to help mothers

birth their babies.


I wanted to become a midwife. I wanted to feel that rush of excitement again. I wanted to have the opportunity to support women in a way that they wanted to be helped, the way I yearned to be supported and encouraged. I wanted to help women feel safe so that they could birth

their babies without the need of worry and anxiety. I wanted just to be there, to hear a baby take it's first breath and make that first eye connection with their mum, and thankfully, I have been given the chance to be a pillar for birthing women during their most vulnerable time not just in the UK, but for women all over the world.
The birth of my doula career came about; thanks to my unpleasant birth experiences. I wanted to make a difference in the birthing industry which would aid me in helping women with unfortunate birth experiences, which would allow me to be apart of the growing change that's taking place to normalize childbirth as a natural process. I've had caesareans, Gestational diabetes, Breech babies, a Hemhorrage, whereby I lost 700ml of blood during my c-section, and thankfully two VBA2C's 3x. I've also been through postnatal depression as a result of the type of birth I've had, which I retained so much anxiety and trauma inside myself and it was ruinous.


I'm a bit obsessed with VBACs and my last birth, which was for my 5th baby, I had a Homebirth VBAC after 2 c-sections but my 3rd VBAC and gosh..... If I can honestly tell you how amazing it was, you may not believe me... I still have the adrenaline in me just speaking about it. It was such an incredible feeling and experience.
My aims and objectives for both Naturelle VBAC and the VBAC Summit is to create a safety net for women to find safe, factual, experienced-based VBAC information to assist their dreams to have a VBAC. It's also important to me to retrain how some professionals view VBAC mothers and the topic VBAC. So I've built a training to re-educate birth professionals on the key fundamentals of protecting a VBAC mothers birth space, how to emotionally connect with mum and what information to follow...