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VBAC Summit 2021

Online Event

The world-renowned online event is starting again this year for the 5th year. Buy your tickets to join the VBAC Link up movement

Information about VBAC Childbirth education for mothers

VBAC Childbirth 

Education Series

If you've previously had a caesarean section, you need to enrol on our comprehensive VBAC Education course.

Information about The VBAC Practitioner training. Information about Advanced vbac doula course and the vbac course

VBAC Practitioner Training

The worlds most in-depth VBAC Doula training for birth professionals interested in birth after caesareans.

We support, encourage, educate and empower mothers, so they feel safe to birth in a way that best suits their individual needs.

We don't just support mothers, we train enthusiastic, birth workers on the facts about VBAC so they can best serve the women interested in vaginal birth after a caesarean.

Having a VBAC should not be a stressful time. It should be a time of happiness and empowerment. Many women have an 80-90% chance of a successful VBAC A very small percentage don't.

Uterine rupture is a small possibility but very unlikely to occur.

Don't stay misinformed know your rights and the facts.

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the only thing you need to have a vbac g

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Having a Vaginal Birth After a C-section (VBAC) can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. I've had a VBA2C, also known as a VBAMC three times, and I've had a Homebirth after my 2 caesareans so I know how you may be feeling and what you desperately want to know. 

The guidelines say VBAC is safe for the majority of women even if you've had multiple caesareans, and I want you to take that information in. We've supported over 6487+ VBAC mothers and trained 1000's of birth workers, and none of them has had a uterine rupture, and 3 of those women ended up with a repeat caesarean and our practitioners have said we leave no stone unturned when it comes to VBAC education and research. 

Our organisation provides VBAC mothers and birth professionals, whether doulas, midwives or other professionals working with mothers an education platform to further their knowledge. You can expect to find VBAC Blogs, The annual VBAC Summit, VBAC events, VBAC Doula practitioner training and courses and a VBAC Childbirth Education services Vbac Directory which is filled with a plethora of professionals based all over the world.

It's time to believe in yourself and your bodies ability to give birth vaginally. It's also time to learn what you need to do to have a successful VBAC, but rest assured you're in the right place. A place built by VBAC Consultant Specialists and successful VBA2C mums who want to

Empower, Educate and Support you.

We are waiting to hear from you and speak with one of our ambassadors globally or checkout our VBAC practitioner Directory. 

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